56 Weight Loss Tips Based on Science not Fads

56 Weight Loss Tips That are Easy to Try

It seems that everybody is an expert on giving weight loss tips. Witness the fad diets that pop up every year and soon disappear. Do You know why? Because they are based upon theory and not fact! That is, there is no body of evidence to support their hypothesis and so innocent people are duped into believing that there exists a shortcut to shed their excess weight.

They only end up losing water which is quickly regained and sometimes to a greater degree than what was lost. Who needs that?

Scientists have come up with tried and true methods that have been founded in fact, that do work and are effective. Many of them are easy to implement as well. Check them out for yourself in the list below:

1. The Drinks are on Me
By drinking water, you are flushing waste from the body, boosting your metabolism (along with some calories) and helping you to feel full. It’s also a zero calorie beverage and one of the best weight loss tips!

2. The Edible Egg
Whole eggs have been given a bad rap. Adding these together with grains has resulted in less calories ingested over the next day and a half which results in loss of weight and body fat.

3. A Cup of Joe
This remarkable beverage has a number of benefits including antioxidants. The caffeine present can help to burn off excess fat and boost your metabolism by as much as 10%

4. It’s Tea Time
Another soothing liquid, the antioxidants (known as catechins) work with the small amounts of caffeine to burn off body fat. It has also been linked to weight loss in many studies.

5. Coo-Coo for Coconut Oil
By replacing your normal cooking fats, you are already eating healthier. The medium chain triglycerides break down faster and can boost metabolism significantly too.

6. Try Glucomannan Supplements
This fiber remains in the GI tract longer, absorbing water and making your feel full. It has been shown to be an effective weight loss addition to your diet.

7. Reduce Your Sugar Consumption
This is the most vile ingredient in today’s diet. Along with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) it can lead to obesity and other serious health issues such as heart disease and diabetes. Try to cut back on added sugar, be sure to read ingredients labels for their content as well. It is one of the best weight loss tips that you can implement.

8. Avoid Refined Carbohydrates
These produce those symptoms that are lethal to dieters: cravings, blood sugar spikes and hunger pangs. Stay away from pasta and white bread, but do seek out natural fiber instead.

9. Find a Low Carb Diet Plan
A great number of studies favor a low carb diet for weight loss. It can actually be more beneficial than a low fat one, helping people lose twice as much weight.

10. Serve Food on Smaller Plates
This is a mind trick that seems to work. You will not even realize that there aren’t as many calories in the meal. Try it out as one of your primary weight loss tips.

11. Keep a Calorie Chart
By writing down what you eat, consuming less and controlling the portion size becomes easier. It should be obvious that losing weight will naturally follow this process.

12. Eat Healthy Snacks
Consuming the right foods when you are hungry can prevent excess calories from being ingested. These should include nuts, carrot sticks and whole fruits among others.

13. Don’t Forget to Brush
By brushing (and flossing) after a meal, you are less tempted to snack later.

14. Spice Up Your Meals
Another one of the weight loss tips that you will enjoy is spice. This is because a great metabolism booster can be found in foods such as Cayenne peppers. It is called Capsaicin and can reduce appetite as well.

15. Get Your Heart Going
Aerobics (AKA Cardio) is a great way to get heart healthy and burn belly fat. You will also burn calories and improve physical health.

16. Pump Iron
No, you don’t have to look like Arnold but resistance training can boost metabolism and prevent loss of muscle tone. It will also help with physical health and mental outlook.

17. Add Some Fiber
Experts recommend that you add in fiber for weight loss. It can help to clean out the GI tract and decrease cravings as you will feel full longer.

18. Be Productive with Produce
These tasty treats are low in calories but high in fiber. They have lots of water, burn up calories through chewing and are filling. All this means you will lose weight.

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19. Chew Food Thoroughly
Eating slower has been linked to weight loss. Fewer calories are ingested and more weight loss hormones are produced. This doesn’t cost anything either.

20. Shake Hands with the Sand Man
Sleep plays a vital role in shedding excess weight. It has been identified as a primary reason for obesity among adults and children. Don’t “sleep” on this element of your diet program.

21. End those Addictions
Food cravings affect a major segment of the population. If you can’t control your eating, you may be in this category. In this case seek professional help. It is your first step to happiness.

22. Be Proactive with Protein
It boosts metabolism and helps to burn up to 100 calories per day more. In addition not feeling hungry reduced late night snacking and the total amount of food ingested each day.

23. Get a Boost with Whey
This supplement can help to add protein to your diet. This can increase the amount of lean muscle mass which in turn assists with weight loss.

24. Avoid Liquid Sugar
When liquefied, sugar is even worse than in solid form. Many beverages add sugar including fruit juice and fruit that is packed in light syrup. It packs on excess weight real fast.

25. Find Whole Foods
Whole foods are the ideal diet ingredients. You will feel full and your body will tend to not gain weight by eating them. Better yet, there is NO long ingredient list to read.

26. Don’t Diet, Eat Better
You should know that most diets don’t work. Most users experience the “rebound effect” and aren’t a long term fix. Try instead to eat better, exercise and get the proper sleep. Weight loss will naturally follow.

27. Eat More Not Less
Don’t deny yourself, try and eat more food choices. Crunchy carrots, big juicy grapes and other in season produce make great additions to any meal. Add in veggies too, you’ll be happy that you did.

28. Skip the Workout
Exercise shouldn’t be hard. You might prefer riding a bike or playing ball. Don’t let this word interfere with getting out. There are many ways to build muscle tone and do cardio, enjoy it.

29. Take a Long Walk
This is better than running as there is less strain on the joints. You can walk outside, mow the grass, visit the mall or many other variations to get in more steps.

30. Cut Back on the Favs
Try a low fat version of your favorite dish or add fiber if possible. Also switch up the high calorie drink for its lower rent cousin (or even go with no calorie water!).

31. Because Hydration Helps — Really!
Drinking water before eating can help to eat less. It can also help you to focus on that rather than some junk food or those high octane cocktails that might be full of sugar.

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32. Split the Check
There are many ways to divvy things up and that includes such things as a dinner out (share the plate), workout equipment or even a membership to the spa. You’ll look and feel better.

33. What are You Watching?
Combine your favorite activity with exercise. Play workout videos, use your treadmill, ride the exercise bike or stepper when a movie is on. Aim for at least 15 minutes for maximum benefit.

34. Find a Hobby
Don’t become preoccupied with your weight loss efforts. Find an outside activity that you can use as a release when things get too hectic or you are bored. In other words, have a life.

35. Don’t be a Yo-Yo
Lose weight slowly over time. Dropping pounds too fast will result in them coming back sooner and probably to a greater extent that what was initially lost. Be patient with your program.

36. Don’t Skip Meals
Most people can’t concentrate properly when hungry. Skipping meals is not the answer as more or poor food choices are made later. Keep some healthy snacks at the ready to curb hunger.

37. What About Your Budget?
By counting calories you can build a healthy diet. These are readily available online and will be based upon a number of factors including age, activity level and gender.

38. Are You Burning Up?
Moderate exercise is the key to losing weight. Overdoing it may cause you to actually eat more. This is because most people tend to overestimate the calories burned during a workout.

39. The Plate of Many Colors
Include something colorful at every meal. Bright shades of fruits and veggies are naturally high in antioxidants and will also keep higher calories fare off of the menu. Remember these with your weight loss tips.

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40. Don’t get Salty with Me
This common compound can lead to such maladies as bloating, water retention and increased thirst. Cut down on the Sodium and you will see a slimmer face and body in the near future.

41. Maintain Your Balance
It’s important that a meal has servings of protein, carbohydrates and fats. You will feel better, have more energy and experience greater fat loss than simply counting calories.

42. Location, Location, Location
By preparing food in another room and then moving it to the table plate by plate, you will ingrain the concept of your diet program. This is out of sight out of mind and has proven to be practical.

43. Track What You Eat
Keeping a food journal can be vital for weight loss. Make sure to write down everything (i.e. how much, what it was, spices added etc.). It is a great way to change eating patterns.

44. Soup Anyone?
A low calorie soup that contains lots of tasty veggies in broth can help with cravings and cause you to eat less at the meal. You won’t feel hungry and still lose those unwanted pounds.

45. Fight the Gremlin (Ghrelin)
This hormone drives appetite and is best controlled with a balanced diet. Eat small meals about every 3 hours to main your Ghrelin at an even level.

46 How About a Late Night Dinner?
You can eat later than 7 pm. This is a myth that somehow got popular. You are better off eating later rather than skipper a meal – especially if you are trying to lose weight.

47. Don’t Get Off the Cycle
There is no set time for the last meal. Just make sure to give yourself at least an hour and a half between dinner and going to bed. Only 1/3 of your calories should be consumed at this time.

48. The 80/20 Rule
For weight loss tips to work effectively, about 20% of your time should be devoted to exercise and the rest to nutrition. So eat well and work out moderately for best results.

49. Take a Deep Breath
A long inhale that is taken in and let out slowly can be the perfect break. It also can help bring in necessary oxygen, reduce stress and regain focus. Try this a few times each day.

50. Don’t Go Hungry
One of the best weight loss tips is to never arrive at any big event on an empty stomach. This leads straight to the type of overeating that you don’t want. Enjoy a light snack first and those cravings won’t hit you so hard.

51. Watch How You Eat
By foregoing standard utensils for chopsticks you will have to focus more and eat less. The portions will be smaller and you are forced to eat slower as well.

52. Win the Battle of the Bulge
Wear clothes that are the right size. These will give you a clear signal when to stop eating. You can use this as an extra gauge of when to put on the brakes to your appetite.

53. Call in the Reinforcements
By substituting positive words for negative, you can get your brain to start thinking healthy. Try good instead of bad, can for can’t and strong for weak. Your body will soon follow as well.

54. Keep Your Chin Up
Everything begins with attitude. If you are positive that you are going to stick with a plan, then chances are that you will. Keep goals in mind and they are more likely to be accomplished.

55. Break Your Fast
Eat a big meal early and you will feel fuller and more satisfied during the day. Be sure to get at least 250 calories with most of them being protein if possible.

56. Early to Bed…
Sleep deprivation has been linked to weight gain. Turn in earlier and watch those pounds start to melt away. Your body burns calories while resting so take advantage of this opportunity.