Fit for Life: Attain Your Fitness Goals

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Fit for Life is a Choice
Fit for Life is Also a Book
Food Preparation
Final Word

The Basics of Fit for Life

Fit for Life is a Choice

You don’t need to waste good money on any number of books that promise to change your life through radical ideas. The main drawback to any proven diet program is that it takes hard work and discipline. Many of us don’t want to maintain strict adherence to a regimen because it gets old and boring after a while. That is just human nature you have probably heard.

However, it is also a law of Physics!

Every system seeks its lowest energy level. That explains why clothes are on the floor; you flop down on the couch and grab fast food instead of preparing something that’s good for you. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t make changes.

With that being said, common sense should rule the day. For the most part, we don’t work as hard as we used to and pre-packaged food looks awful appealing due to the wonderful commercials that appear on the television. It makes sense to feed our family the easy way since we are worn out from work and that dreaded commute home.

Do you think that you have the power to be fit for life? With a few changes to your routine which will be discussed later, you too can take control of your health and create a vibrant lifestyle for you and your family.

But first a short history on how this movement got start.

Fit for Life is Also a Book

It is a bestseller on a global scale that explains how to change your life through myth shattering ideas that focus on what types of foods to eat and in what combination. Written by nutrition specialist Harvey Diamond, he attempts to explain that it’s possible to eat a great number of calories and still lose those unwanted pounds.

Mr. Diamond has some unique ideas in his book that have been proven wrong by most medical nutritionist professionals. He claims that eating foods in a certain combination will prove beneficial to the body while others will putrefy in the stomach where they will rot and cause great discomfort. You can read a summary of his ideas on this topic by visiting the wiki page.

That sounds good in principle and desperate people grasp at anything that will give them the results that they seek. The diet field is full of crash programs that promise the moon without actually putting in the work. So why are there more people overweight than ever before? Experts have refuted the majority of the claims made by Mr. Diamond such as the one by James J. Kenny who labeled the book as pure fallacy. You can read a summary of his findings at

It is an epidemic of sorts with many so-called experts putting out a new book on the subject without possessing the knowledge or having the discipline to attain it.

Don’t believe this? Look at the list of best sellers on the New York Times book list, so many of these volumes are built around this dilemma. It seems that everybody has a different idea on how to lose weight and even the craziest theories sound plausible to somebody who is desperate for a solution to this problem.

The problem all goes back to some basics that have been trumpeted over and over by various groups including the FDA, Physicians, Medical professions, the experts at Weight Watchers and nutritionists all around the world.

fit for life

In order to lose weight, the calories consumed must be less than the energy used.

Why is that concept so hard to grasp? In this day and age, we tend to work more with less time for the basics such as home cooking. Fast food and eating out have become the norm with most nuclear families that have little time for getting the proper nutrition. This type of intake tastes good but doesn’t have the kind of proper elements that a body needs to function at an optimal level.

Empty calories, lots of carbohydrates, refined sugar and too much salt make for a cocktail that too many people tend to rely on for dinner.

Food Preparation

In order to be fit for life, eating properly is vital. This is the fuel that we use for everyday activities and provides the nutrients for absorption on the cellular level. In turn, muscles are built, internal organs are flushed clean and a feeling of well-being is experienced thanks to this sample task.

Eating healthy should not be a chore, but it does take a little extra work. Consider cutting up some carrots into stick instead of reaching for a bag of potato chips. It is easier to do the latter, but consider the former instead. Not only do you get the added benefit of Vitamin A, but there are calories burned also in this process as a side benefit.

However, that is only one component that a person needs to feel great. Exercise, proper rest and attitude are the other components that complete the system that can have you feeling better with a greater vitality.

healthy eating 2

Imagine waking up refreshed and looking forward to another great day. It’s not far-fetched if you can follow some rather basic tenets.

Food Preparation

The biggest complaint that most people have is not enough time. Is that really true or are we so set in our ways that carving out a block for meal planning and preparation is impossible? Do you go to work and then come home flopping on the couch to rest? Could this period be better utilized for a healthier lifestyle? You know this is probably true and there are probably a few other ways in which to create a richer life for you and your family.

What about the commute to work? Is it spent idly listening to the radio or complaining about the dufus who just cut you off? What about a book on tape (or CD)? There are thousands of these now available, in different genres and cooking is one of the largest in popularity. While it might not be easy to visualize a recipe in your head, learning a different technique or identifying the right ingredients for a home cooked meal could easily be accomplished at this time.

Since you are trapped in the car anyway, why not make this time valuable and productive?

Of course the commute is both ways, so this is actually double the amount of time that can be used strictly for this purpose if you so desire. It’s just another block of the day to think about reordering into something beneficial.

What about when you get home? Is your normal routine to simply unwind or are you simply too harried to actually get dinner started. Do you have a grocery list? If so, what does it contain? Why not start something healthy by including more fruits and vegetables? These can be used for both snacks and as complements to entrees. They are a great source of fiber along with the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Did you know that vegetables (particularly the root variety such as carrots for example) are able to concentrate certain nutrients? This explains why they are recommended for deficiencies.

When you are glued to the boob tube, is it for some mindless drivel or for educational purposes. Now it is certainly okay to enjoy some mindless fun, but there are quite a few shows dedicated to only food and its preparation, in fact that is what the FOOD channel does entirely. PBS also has “classes” on its airwaves where the instructors cook right in front of you.

Since tablets have become popular, they are almost a given right next to the food preparation station as chefs everywhere enjoy cooking up a new recipe.

That is at least 3 different ways in which time can be saved and a healthy meal created. If you looked hard enough at your daily routine, there are probably at least as many if not more opportunities to enjoy a fit for life day.


The key to a proper exercise program is to work out with just enough intensity to get a good workout but not so much as to leave a puddle of water on the floor. It is not smart to aggravate the muscles and joints to such a degree that you can’t get out of bed in the morning. Building muscle is an integral part of weight loss because it burns more calories than fat.

People are more concerned with how much they weigh rather than how they feel.

The fact is that muscle also weighs more than fat so by building this type of tissue you will also most likely gain weight. However, your body will also be more inclined to be a “fat burning furnace” as the added mass will require more calories to maintain itself.

Exercise can be going to the gym, walking on a treadmill, lifting weights, doing yoga or pilates and any other type of activity that you enjoy. There is no set in stone rules here, but in order to affect any kind of permanent change on the body, you should set aside as least 3 hours per week.

fit for life weights

That is only 30 minutes per day with one day of rest. As the plethora of choices exists as to what kind of workout you can choose, the possibilities are really endless.

Once the choice is made however, map out a plan and stick to it. There are plenty of online guides that will allow you to enter personal information and generate a plan for your particular lifestyle. These have been designed by exercise professionals and trainers who know what it takes to succeed. Why not use the power of the Internet to create your own fit for life map?

Most of us have become so used to employing search engines to find what we need it is second nature. If you are thinking about going to the gym and lift weights, then is a perfect website to get started. They can tailor a specific plan for your needs no matter what your current fitness level or gender is at the present time. Here is the link for your custom plan: find a plan

Do not be discouraged if things don’t go perfectly at first. It is long term benefits that you are looking for here, not short term satisfaction. The perfect workout plan is the one that will allow you to stick with it until results are obtained. There is nothing completely set in stone here. Every person has a unique set of circumstances so if you can’t do something perfectly the first time, don’t fret, it will come with practice.