Water for Weight Loss: 17 Ways to Lose Pounds

Water for Weight Loss: the Magic Elixir

water for weight loss

1. Zero is the Hero

Unlike most every other beverage that we consume, water has absolutely no calories. This is perfect for dieters who might want to splurge on a beverage and can save on their points because of their choice of water for weight loss. This small 3 atom molecule is not only the perfect drink, but contains the perfect combination of 2 Hydrogen to 1 Oxygen that is essential for survival. You can save a tremendous amount of fat from being stored in the body by switching your choice of beverages to this clear refreshing drink. Just take it slow and easy and see the transformation before your eyes.

2. Fill ‘Er Up!

Every other drink that has ever been concocted on the planet Earth contains calories or man-made ingredients put in to make it taste good. Water on the other hand can be consumed without the need for counting calories or the undue worry about whether you can operate a motor vehicle safely. Like a good pair of black shoes, it goes with everything. This means that in effect drinking water for weight loss can provide peace of mind since there are no after effects attached to this life giving liquid. Substitute fresh water for any of your regular beverage habits and watch the difference in your weight as this becomes second nature.

3. Be a LemonHead

lemon water remove mucus

Adding a fresh squeeze of lemon to a glass of warm water can do wonders for the body. Taken early in the morning this can help to demonstrate a wonderful cathartic effect on the system. This particular citrus fruit has been shown to have the ability to help clear out mucus from the respiratory system. Far cheaper than medication, taking this drink can shorten the effects of a cold or help to ward off one from taking hold. Try drinking this as a summer refresher or with dinner. It can help to digest food better as well making this a win-win for you as better digestion means less food left in the GI tract. Do not add the lemon peel to the glass however as there might be harmful substances leftover from the harvest.

4. Have it on the Rocks

Many experts purport the drinking of ice cold water as a great way to get the metabolism running on high. This is due in part to the fact that the body has to bring this drink up to the internal temperature, making it work hard and burning off calories at the same time. Most people like to have their beverages on the rocks, so why not substitute this zero calorie favorite and kills 2 birds with one stone? It tastes good and promotes weight loss!

5. You Don’t Want to be Full of Crap!

The GI tract is the passageway for food from the mouth to the anal sphincter. It is also the way that the body gets its nutrients in order to function properly. During this time water is also pulled from the ingested food so it is important that additional liquid is taken. Fresh, clean water helps to pass the matter more quickly and also prevention that formation of an impacted stool in the bowel which is quite painful to pass. You can also prevent dehydration, another painful condition by staying hydrated. Doing so will keep the entire Gastro-Intestinal tract in good health, making it easier to lose weight.

6. Need a Lube Job?

The human body is a finely tuned machine that needs constant maintenance in order to function at its most optimal level. Unbelievable as it may seem, this wondrous moving entity is composed mainly of water with a few trace chemicals. Each and every part needs the effects of water. The exchange of nutrients on the cellular level keeps everything balanced and in tune. This means that the body uses the calories ingested at a meal for functions and is not stored as fat. Drinking water for weight loss plays a crucial role in almost every process in the human body and is actually one of the easiest things to control. Bottoms up!

7. Watermelon Anyone?

Since the body requires water to function properly, it should make sense that eating a number of high water foods will greatly assist with metabolic processes. These kinds of items typically take a longer time to chew which means that they are already partially digested before hitting the GI tract. They will also take a longer time to absorb, meaning that you will feel fuller faster. As a result, less food will be eaten and assuming that the diet is healthy, weight has to be lost.

8. Don’t Lose Your Balance

Muscle tissue helps your body to complete all of its movements. It is connected by ligaments to the bones which further assists with leverage. Water is vital to the overall health of keeping the body nourished and providing the passageway for vital nutrients to be exchanged on a cellular level. Without this transport program, harmful substances would build up and erode the muscle tissue. Since lean muscle burns more calories than does fat, keeping this tissue in tip top condition is a powerful advocate of losing weight and keeping fit.

water for weight loss

9. Take it to the Max

There is no better drink to replenish and hydrate the body than good ‘ol H2O. It has been known for a great while that athletes need water in order to keep their competitive edge. During a workout, sweating helps to keep the body cool, but also causes a depletion of the necessary reserves that are a vital part of the inner working. Drinking this liquid helps to keep the body cool and replenishes the volume level needed in order to optimize the internal organs function. This will in turn flush waste from the body on a regular basis allowing you to prevent excess toxins from building up.

10. Are You a Brainiac?

The human brain is exactly like all other systems in your body. It has a need for water in order to complete the functions necessary for the body to perform at an optimal level. There is a perfect balance that is maintained between the elements necessary to operate and water. If this ratio is somehow disrupted then the gray matter loses much of its efficiency. A number of studies have shown that attention spans can be disrupted when you are thirsty. Longer periods without water lead to more severe maladies such as dehydration. Both long and short term memory can be impaired in this condition meaning that a weight loss plan is unlikely to be followed.

11. Are You Running on Empty?

Its important not to let your body run too low on this life giving fluid. Drinking water throughout the day has many important benefits including helping to keep the internal organs functioning at their peak. It is not correct however to assume that only drinking water and not eating will help with weight loss. The human body needs food also to work properly and if only water is taken when hunger pangs develop, then vital fluids can be lose and not water weight. Its easy to note whether you need water. Check out the color and odor of your urine. When it is dark and has an odor, then you require additional fluids. The waste product should be light colored or clear without any smell when you are properly hydrated. Keeping the body full can prove extremely beneficial when on a weight loss program.

12. Turn on the Waterfall

The accepted standard when it comes to the amount of water to drink in one day is about 2 liters per person. This is great for weight loss as it may replace higher caloric beverages. The value though may depend on a number of factors that will vary between individuals. Such factors as exercise, age and whether a woman is breast feeding can alter whether more or less water needs to be taken in to maintain proper function. People who eat foods that are high in water such as fruits and vegetables can probably get by with less. An easy to remember rule that you can use is to drink when you feel thirsty and stop when your are not. It is generally advised to drink between 1 and 2 liters when using water for weight loss.

13. Can I get a Chaser?

So maybe you don’t like the taste of plain water. You probably would if you were thirsty enough, but let’s not belabor the point. Besides adding in packaged flavors, there are some natural ways to doctor up your beverage in order to remain hydrated. Consider adding in a few ingredients and sipping on a cold one. Why not add in mint along with watermelon and pineapple? How about raspberry and lemon. The possibilities are endless. This is another of the boundless benefits of using water for weight loss.

14. A Twist of Lemon

Adding a shot of fresh lemon juice (not the rind) to a glass of water can help with many health issues. While it does not directly promote a drop in pounds, the effects of using water for weight loss can be startling when replacing other sugar laden beverages that are consumed way too often by people at every meal of the day. This drink can be taken either hot or cold which helps to keep the body hydrated. There is also evidence that is boosts metabolic rate and reduce bloating. For people that tend to feel bloated, this all natural diurectic is the perfect solution. This should only be used as short term fix for this malady. Cheers!

15. Go Spit!

Inspired by Detective Murtaugh who famously used this line in the Lethal Weapon Movies, having enough saliva can actually help the digestive processes by breaking down food particles in the mouth along with proper mastication. This is vital in order to extract the necessary nutrients from the substances that are taken in through this oral route. Taking in enough fresh water for weight loss can keep the saliva glands functioning at their optimal level and making sure that you can produce this yukky substance when necessary.

16. Don’t get High on Acid

Most of the foods that are in the modern diet have a heavy dose of acid. Such things as cigarettes, processed foods and chocolate for example contain heavy amounts of acidic materials. The human body was not designed for this kind of overload and has limited buffers to combat them. Unfortunately the toxins have to go somewhere until there is enough alkaline substances to neutralize them. Thus they are stored as fat deposits until such time as they can be eliminated. Alkaline water is therefore a healthy way to help burn off this adipose tissue as it also helps to hydrate the body at the same time.

17. Get Your (Alkaline) Batteries Charged

It is vital for the right amount of nutrients to enter the body. They also have to be in the right mix. The human body has a very small range of pH that it likes to operate within. How acidic or alkaline something is can be measured by the pH scale. It runs from 0 to 14 with the low end being very acidic and the high end being very basic. In the middle is 7 which is the neutral point. Humans have a typical value of 7.4. Anything deviating too far from this spot means that enzymes can’t function well. Food consumption is usually on the acidic side, so things get thrown out of balance quickly. Drinking Alkaline water for weight loss can help to restore balance and gets things back to normal so weight loss can happen much easier.