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Weight Loss Foods are Vital For Any Diet Plan

7 Super Weight Loss Foods You Should Include in Your Diet Program

Weight loss foods are becoming more important as half of the planet seems to be overweight with most of them searching for a quick solution. This is not as easy as some of the fad diets proclaim with their promise of a super quick fix.

While all foods contain calories, not all of them are metabolized the same way in the human body. This not only affects the waist line, but can an important impact on hormonal imbalance, how hungry we feel and in truth how many calories are burned.

One of the most interesting weight loss foods is whole eggs. They contain healthy fats, have a lot of protein and help to make the stomach feel full. A new set of studies on this “wonder” food also have shown that they aren’t high in cholesterol and don’t cause heart attack.

Another interesting choice is leafy greens. This food family includes Swiss chard, spinach, kale and collards. They are full of fiber and are low in carbs and calories too. As a bonus you are receiving a ton of nutritious vitamins and minerals – especially calcium, a substance that has been linked to fat burning metabolism in some research findings.

Seafood in for form of salmon is loaded with iodine that helps to maintain proper functioning of the thyroid gland, a vital organ to control metabolism. They also have healthy fats and are a wonderful source of protein too. As a final bonus, this fish contains the fatty acid Omega-3 which is known to reduce inflammation in the body.
For vegetarians, the cruciferous vegetable family should be high on their list. These include such things as brussels sprouts, broccoli and cabbage among other things. They have a tremendous amount of fiber and a good amount of protein as well. This combination of substances makes them ideal weight loss foods, perfect for a sensible diet plan.

Lean red meat and chicken are 2 more foods that are high in protein which can aid in fat burning. In addition it can decrease late night cravings and help the body to lose weight too.

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Potatoes are an incredible food for weight loss. They have an amazing range of nutrients – almost everything that the human body needs. Boiled white potatoes are high in potassium and will form resistant starch which has been shown to benefit people looking to lose weight.

One final weight loss food is tuna. It is low in calories and high in protein. This lean fish doesn’t contain much fat, making it ideal for adding protein to a diet with adding extra calories and fat.

These are just a few of the great foods that can help with a weight loss program. While it is important to watch calories, substituting some of these items can actually help to crave hunger while still making you feel satisfied.