Weight Loss Tips: Good Advice for Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Tips for Eating
Weight Loss Tips: Times to Eat
Exercise and Planning
Holiday Eating
Proper Rest
Watch Those Crazy Diet Fads
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There are literally thousands of weight loss tips available through electronic media, on the printed page as well as word of mouth. This is great news for anybody who has tried (unsuccessfully) to lose weight since it can be a very frustrating experience. So how do you wade through the mounds of helpful sounding advice to glean the pure nuggets?

Many people have pondered that question since the dawn of man.

It all really boils down to common sense, consulting with a medical professional before beginning any kind of weight loss regimen and following some expert advice. What follows are methods that have been proven to work when done correctly. No, you won’t probably lose 30 pounds in the first month (and shouldn’t), but results will be seen by anybody who has the fortitude to stick with these guidelines.

There is nothing fancy here, just some using some simple strategies and eating good food. Don’t be so mindful of a wildly popular fad diet that declares: “just cut out the carbs.” You’ve also probably heard about “not eating anything after 7 pm” too. What about only consuming one meal a day? Believe me, none of these weight loss tips will reshape your body and help you to lose the weight that you want (and keep it off).

This also doesn’t mean that you have to starve either. Professional nutritionists do this for a living and understand how the human body maintains its metabolism in the proper manner. That is one area that medical doctors really don’t have the greatest handle on since they have to be an expert in so many disciplines. You can focus on eating better foods and actually eat more (wow!) in order to lose weight. A couple of other ideas that will be discussed include sleeping (what?) and how the right breathing can help you obtain your goals.

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So let’s get started on those weight loss tips.

Weight Loss Tips for Eating

Starving yourself is never a good idea. This leads to poor decision making since the body needs food and that type of urge cannot be easily quenched. Reaching for fatty snack food is the inevitable result, promoting a vicious circle of bad choices.

A better option is to plan ahead and grab something wholesome. Why not try some dried fruit or nuts high in Omega 3’s? There are also whole grain snack crackers or a cup of yogurt to choose from when opting for a healthy snack. Any of these will help to make you feel full without the empty calories of those other snacks.

Of course calories are also a big component of weight loss tips. This is true for anybody trying to lose a couple of extra pounds or just trying to maintain a certain weight. Too many people think that this is not important. They could not be more wrong. American can get their 2010 Dietary Guidelines to better understand how to plan a daily meal.

This also comes in handy when the effects of exercise are taken into account. Too often the amount of calories that are burned off are over-estimated, leading to a larger meal which makes losing weight all the more difficult. Experts believe that moderate exercise may be more beneficial than a high intensity workout. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) offers guidelines about the calories burned off during a workout. You can easily compare the benefits of activity types versus snacking there.

It is vital to include colorful foods on your plate. This typically means produce that is full of essential vitamins and minerals. These will then take up the space generally reserved for something which has more calories. As a bonus, your skin will take on a younger and healthier appearance!

Proper meal planning is one of the best weight loss tips that you can implement. These simple ideas are not only easy, but figure out to a drop of up to 8 pounds in one year.

Water is an essential part of a good nutrition plan. Keeping the body hydrated is so important not only for weight loss but maintaining the health of internal organs. In fact adding water to the meal also takes up space in the stomach so you will no doubt feel fuller and won’t eat as much.

Along with water goes salt as most people already know. Too much leads to water retention and other maladies such as feeling bloated, weight gain and carrying around those extra pounds. Studies have shown that on average, American eat twice as much of this compound as necessary. This also means more hunger and thirst, starting the cycle over again.

While salt is a necessary ingredient for the body, reducing the amount consumed will quickly approve your appearance and help to flatten that belly. This by itself is one of the best weight loss tips that you can easily implement into your diet.

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A unusual way to help reduce hunger is by adding hot spices to the meal. British researchers found that it can curb the appetite. The essential element found in chili peppers; capsaicin actually allows the brain to release the endorphine hormone which is the “feel-good” sensation many people report following a workout.

Another vital weight loss tip is the reduction of diet soda consumption. One study done by the Texas Health Science Center noted that there was a direct correlation between the amount of sodas drunk in a given day and the risk of being overweight. Only 2 or more cans each day could increase your waist size by as much as 500%. While most people think that they are reducing calories this way, in fact the body is not able to metabolize the artificial sweeteners effectively. They then tend to overeat due to the cravings that are created.

Another research group determined that the risk of metabolic syndrome was elevated 34% by drinking only one diet soda per day. Although the reasons are unclear as to why, the symptoms that could put you at risk for heart disease include high cholesterol and excess belly fat.

One of the best weight loss tips includes a good eating plan. This means not just counting the number of calories but also having protein, carbohydrates and yes, even fat. This will help to provide your body with the energy that it needs to maintain proper function. With the right amount of energy, you will feel full for a longer period of time and help to stoke that fat burning furnace.

An additional helpful strategy is to place food out of sight lines. You might not want another helping if it is not right in front of you. Prepare the meal in one room and serve in another. Even if you want some more, it means getting up from the table in order to get it. This effectively burns calories and makes you at least aware of what you are doing.

Keeping a food journal may be just the ticket to shed those excess pounds. The American Journal of Preventive Medicine published a study that found people who actually kept detailed records were able to lose twice the amount of weight compared to those who didn’t. It is important to keep detailed food records of what was eaten, how much and any extra ingredients that were added. Also any liquids, appetite and what type of mood you were in can prove insightful as well.

A simple and effective strategy for employing weight loss tips is the consumption of a low-calories vegetable soup taken directly before a meal. Doing this prior to the largest meal of the day can mean a reduction of as much as 20% fewer calories taken in without feeling hungry afterward.

The University of Rhode Island conducted a study of rapid versus slow eaters. Since the brain doesn’t get a message from the stomach at least 20 minutes after beginning a meal, researchers found that the body couldn’t send a full signal in time to prevent overeating in the former case. Fortunately this is something that you have control over when partaking of nutrition. Here are a couple of great tips:

Simply slow down, chewing your food carefully before swallowing. Try to eat with others, fostering a conversation that is relaxed. Finally don’t eat with your hands and especially standing up. This by itself leads to a quick dine and dash, promoting the worst possible kind of food intake — one that you will pay for soon enough.

A key hormone in the battle for weight loss is ghrelin. This compound actually drives our appetite and controls hunger. According to scientific research, eating small balanced meals about 3 hours apart can help to maintain ghrelin levels and prevent them from spiking. This “trigger” will typically go off if the body is deprived of carbohydrates (carbs), so keeping the body and brain satisfied with small doeses helps to keep hunger at bay.

Weight Loss Tips: Times to Eat

There is a common misperception that eating after 7 pm will definitely cause you to gain weight. Many of today’s busy professionals arrive home later and think that skipping dinner is the answer for losing weight. This is far from the truth and we will talk about that in a minute.

Another popular fallacy is to stop eating by 5 pm. In itself this is one of the poorest weight loss tips ever created. It promotes eating more calories the next day to make up for the food that the body craved the day before. A body’s metabolism is a finely tune machined and needs regular maintenance.

The rule of thumb is:

Eat 70% of the daily caloric requirement before the evening meal and the rest at dinner no matter what time you partake. The only requirement for this strategy to be effective is to make sure that you allow at least 90 upon completion of the meal before going to bed. This will allow for proper digestion and a comfortable sleep.

Exercise and Planning

If you have bothered to watch television in the last 24 hours, it is likely that you have come across either an exercise program designed to lose weight or a diet program guaranteed to do the same thing. While they are both important, you might be surprised to learn that the ratio is actually about 4:1 in favor of nutrition and meal planning.

The best place to start is at home where you can better control not only your intake amount but what actually goes into your stomach. Let’s face it, eating out means meals that are very tasty, but loaded with all kinds of fat and sodium. You are better off making a meal plan for the entire week and then executing what it take to make it happen.

Think about that for a minute.

Why not make an entire week’s worth of meals and have only one mess to clean up as a bonus? How about roasting some meat for Sunday and then using leftovers for some tasty tortillas? Or you can make up a stew in the crock pot and have it ready to eat the next day. There are many ways to cook all of your food on one day and then only have to add in some fresh ingredients or reheat, saving countless hours of prep and planning when you feel exhausted.

Check out Meal Planning for 4 Weeks.



In the words of Homer Simpson: DOH! Do you ever think about breathing? Most likely no, but it can be one of the biggest and best weight loss tips in your arsenal. Take a slow deep breath and let it out slowly. Do you feel the stress flowing out of your body? This helps to oxygenate the brain and reduce those nasty hormones that make you feel ill at ease. Take a few breaks during the day and just allow yourself some moments of reflection with a couple of minutes of deep breathing exercises.

Better yet, combine it with a nice walk to further burn some calories.

Holiday Eating

There is always a big party going on during a holiday time. If you don’t eat during the day in anticipation of the big event, you are more than likely to overeat those types of foods that are bad for you such as grease, salt and starch. Simply have a small snack before attendance and you will feel better in the long run.

If you truly want to slow down your eating habits, why not consider chopsticks? Since they will require time to get used to, you have already taken more time with the meal than usual. You also won’t be able to pick up as much in a single bite, so the temptation to rush is no longer present. They act as a reminder to slow down and chew food thoroughly before taking another bite.


Wearing clothes that fit well act as a reminder that you are full. Elastic waistbands only serve to show that you can continue to eat since the body isn’t sending any signals of discomfort. This should be a mindful goal that makes you look and feel good while applying the brakes to food intake.


There have been many studies done on what role attitude plays in a weight loss strategy. It important to learn the positive words to reinforce beliefs rather than their negative counterpart. For instance “healthy” instead of “unhealthy” and “can” in place of “can’t.”

The cereal makers at Special K; a brand long targeted at women; did a study and found that 90% of ladies who had a positive attitude about maintaining or reducing their target weight were successful over a year’s time against only one half of those who didn’t. The former group were also 8x less likely than the negative group to report have gained any weight.

Another study by the British Journal of Nutrition showed that adults who had bigger meals in the morning which included carbs, fat and protein stayed satisfied versus their counterparts who had larger portions later on during the day. This included almost 900 adults in total who reported having a complete breakfast. A larger portion of the American population have stated that they skip this meal entirely. Whether due to time constraints or stress, this can lead to overeating later on to make up for the caloric deficiency.

One of the easiest weight loss tips that you can put into practice is to make sure and eat something for breakfast. This doesn’t have to be traditional fare either. Why not make a fresh fruit smoothie? How about peanut butter on toast with canned fruit? There is a vast amount of ideas here, just aim for at least 250 calories minimum with some protein mixed in to curb those cravings.

Proper Rest

Getting the proper amount of rest is one of the easiest weight loss tips that a person can implement. A University of Pennsylvania study found that weight gain was correlated with sleep deprivation. Even a couple of night without proper sleep had a tendency to affect a person’s well being. You need to make time for sleeping and allowing your body to revitalize itself.

Watch Those Crazy Diet Fads

The most popular and attention drawing diet programs are probably some of the worst medical advice that you can get. The body’s metabolism is a fine-tuned machine and it needs the proper nutrition to work properly. You can’t starve it, cut out the carbs or totally eliminate all fat in order to lose weight and keep it off. No, these regimens act like a yo-yo allowing you to lose temporarily and then gain it back once the body adjusts.

Do you really want to go that route?

You want to know the reasons that most diet plans don’t work? Frankly it’s boredom on behalf of the participants. Being deprived of some “craving food” will cause the majority of people to cheat and that become the norm instead of the exception. Another in the line of sensible weight loss tips says to eat 80% of your meal healthy and make the remainder of the calories enjoyable (e.g. ice cream or some chips).

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