Diagnosis Body Health Through Skin Imperfections

Pustules on the nose? Then chances are that you have intestinal problems. Constipation or bloating show up on the surface by nose pimples. To fix this, avoid salty foods and ensure adequate intake of vitamin B.

Pustules may have to make on the cheeks with lung, stomach or liver problems caused by too much fatty food. A lack of hygiene can cause pimples on the cheeks. Therefore, make sure that you wash regularly and replace your pillow when it gets too worn.

Spicy or fried foods may involve pimples around the lips. This can also be caused by a reaction to a certain type of toothpaste. Make sure you get enough fiber, fruit and vegetables for beautiful skin.

Problems with your hormones, genitals and kidneys come to the surface with pimples on the chin. What helps is again rest and drinking plenty of water. Ensure inclusion of omega 3 to keep your hormones in balance, and keep your hands clean if you touch your face.

Your ears are in close contact with your kidneys. If that organ is not flushed regularly because you do not drink enough water, you will notice pimples on and around your ears. Here again, drink sufficient water to maintain proper hydration. Be careful with too much coffee or alcohol, and avoid too salty food.

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