Holistic Remedies to Remove Deep Splinters

A foreign object that enters the body is commonly referred to as a splinter. They may come in a great variety of materials and are typically long, sharp and fragmented. Most people experience this phenomenon as a result of handing objects or stepping on them.

The resulting pain is felt because of contact with the lower skin layer called the subcutaneous. There are more nerve endings there – the body’s natural defense mechanism initiates rather quickly. Sometimes the splinter will remain there, but other instances have shown they also can move around, causing additional damage.

It is a common practice to remove them with a sharp needle. However this has 2 major problems associated with this approach. First, children do not like to be picked at since this can cause additional pain. Secondly, it often doesn’t work as the object is buried too deep to be effectively removed.

A great many times splinters will work their way out naturally as the skin will help to “push” them to the surface aiding in their easy removal with a pair of tweezers. But this is not always the case as microbial matter can work its way further into the body causing redness, swelling and infection.

At that point it is necessary to consult with a physician or try a holistic approach in order to get the splinter removed and let the healing process begin.

Deep splinters can be removed with a solution of magnesium sulfate (AKA Epsom Salts). It has been shown to help draw out the object along with any toxin that might have entered.

Treatment involves soaking the infected area a couple of times each day in a solution of Epsom salts and warm water or making a paste and applying that. It will help bring the splinter to the surface where enough is sticking out to remove with a set of tweezers.